Dental implants are the latest treatment that dentists use to replace missing teeth. It is also by far the best in comparison to dentures and bridges that have been in use before for the same purpose. The method involves implanting a titanium metal inside the jawbone where it will act as an artificial root for anchoring the new tooth. The importance of replacing a missing tooth can never be emphasized enough since it not only prevents you from contracting various dental diseases but also prevents you from straining other teeth and the jaw.


There are many reasons that should make someone with a missing tooth choose dental implants. These include:

Ease of use: The dental implants are very convenient to use. Since they are inserted into the jaw, the jaw- bone tends to grow around it and hold it firmly in place. That way, it fits in with other teeth and becomes permanent. This way, you will not need to apply any gel like you would do with dentures. You will also avoid the embarrassment that comes with removing dentures when you have a dental implant instead.

Better appearance: The fact that the artificial tooth will appear permanent and blend in with the rest will enhance your looks and improve your smile.

Improved self- worth: Having a missing tooth has an effect of lowering someone’s self-esteem. But with a full set of healthy teeth in your mouth, you can have the confidence to talk or laugh in front of others.

No difficulty while eating: Unlike dentures that keep moving sideways when someone is having a meal, dental implants do not interfere with someone’s eating.

They Prevent diseases: The difficulty that arises when someone is eating using dentures is usually caused by the fact that they are placed on gums. Thus, when someone is eating, the friction between the dentures and the gum results in patches in the mouth, halitosis and mouth ulcer. These are complications that you can easily avoid by having dental implants.

Better dental health: Dental implants do not affect the natural teeth in the mouth which means that you can enjoy having healthy and functional teeth. Alternative methods of replacing a missing tooth interfere with the existing teeth and in some cases they may even damage them. For instance, bridging uses other teeth as anchors which can weaken them and even cause them to break.

Long lasting: Dental implants are very durable due to the way in which they are made and fixed to the jaw bone. Additionally, the services are quite affordable and will give you value for your money.

Enhanced speech: This is one of the problems that you will solve by using this highly efficient method of replacing a missing tooth.

Comfort: With the dental implants, you will not fell any discomforts like the one felt when removing dentures. Dentures also need special care, and they make an annoying click sound when a person is talking or eating which you cannot experience with dental implants. Additionally, dentures emit a foul smell when not regularly washed which can be very embarrassing. Dentures also trigger the body to produce more saliva which is not the case with dental implants thus you will not have to worry about excess saliva in the mouth.

Prevents bone loss: when you stay for a long time without replacing a missing tooth, the jaw weakens due to inactivity which causes atrophy. That is a condition that is characterized by loss of bones in the affected area. Bone loss can change the structure of your face and make you look older than you are.

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