Dental Exams and X-Rays

When Was Your Last Checkup?
Centennial Dental Centre in Stony Creek, Hamilton is pleased to offer full-service dental exams with regular x-rays and reporting. We have a large list of regular patients and we are always interested in expanding to deliver better dental coverage for Hamilton residents and the surrounding area. It’s recommended that you come in for regular dental checkups at least once every 3 to 6 months. If you don’t have a local dentist in Hamilton, we would be happy to take you on as a new patient. Here is what you should expect in your first dental exam in our clinic:

It’s recommended that you come in for regular dental checkups at least once every 3 to 6 months.

During a typical exam we will first evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene. Usually this involves us sitting you down in the chair and getting to know you a bit more as well as learning more about your medical and dental history. One of our dental hygienists or dentists will take a look through your mouth and generate a profile based on your oral health situation. We will work to evaluate any risk of decay in each one of your teeth, assess for any bone or gum disease as well as look into any root decay that could cause a problem later on.

The second step is to check your bite and for this procedure we will generally have you bite down onto a piece of cardboard to assess your jaw and to check your bite for any problems that could pose difficulty for digestion or tooth decay problems. We can evaluate any needs for restoration and tooth replacement and then proceed with cleaning.

During the cleaning stage a dental hygienist will generally remove any stains or deposits from your teeth. Tooth whitening is an optional part of this stage and generally we will use professional cleaning tools and floss to give you a professional cleaning and to help identifies some of the areas that you might commonly miss through regular brushing and flossing.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays will give us a clearer picture of any troublesome issues with your oral health. If you are a young patient we can determine your need for braces or wisdom tooth extraction as well as see how any adult teeth might be developing. X-rays can give us a better picture of your oral health and identify any potential risks for the future of your oral health. The x-ray procedure is generally very simple for your first exam.

If you don’t have a local dentist in Hamilton, we would be happy to take you on as a new patient.

We need to take detailed imagery of several different sections of your mouth. In some cases, we will take a simple panoramic x-ray which can give us a broad view of your entire mouth. In other cases, we might focus in on your teeth and jawbones as well as take Bite-wing style x-rays to examine your crowns and into the upper and lower teeth. Occlusal x-rays may also be taken to check how your teeth fit together with your mouth completely closed.

Generally, we won’t take x-rays on every dental visit but for your first visit to our offices, we will need to build a profile for you as a patient. Luckily the radiation exposure from dental x-rays is very low so we can build a great profile of your oral health without risking large exposure to radiation for your body.

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