Children’s Dentistry

Your Child Comes First

Centennial Dental in Stony Creek, Ontario is proud to serve Hamilton and the surrounding area. Our practice offers dental services for parents as well as kids of all ages. We create a family-friendly environment that can help children have access to dental care from the ages of infancy all the way to their adult years. In addition to treatment, we are available to provide oral health monitoring services for your children to prevent future medical implications.

Early Children’s Dentistry
Your child’s first deciduous tooth generally start growing about the age of 6 to 12 months. The surrounding tissues, also known as “gums”, will continue to be active until the age of three. There are some great ways to help your child through teething as well as with the mouth sensitivity at that early stage of life.

Your child’s first visit to our office should occur around their first birthday.

We look forward to getting to know new patients and helping kids feel comfortable with our doctor and with our staff. Our Hamilton based dental office is very child friendly and we work hard to make kids feel very comfortable on every visit. During the first visit we generally get kids to come in and see our exam room with their parents so that they can get used to the process of coming to see the dentist. Through the first appointment we will monitor the impact of new teeth as well as examine the teeth and gums.

Measuring your child’s oral health in the early stages of life will guide the eruption of permanent teeth and his/her primary teeth. We can provide recommendations for a healthy diet as well as how you can relieve any discomfort from tooth eruption.

Our main goal on your first visit to our offices with your young child is to build trust and to alleviate any anxiety about going to the dentist. We recommend that you don’t make a big production out of your visit and you should avoid talking about any of the consequences of poor oral health such as getting fillings.

Kids shouldn’t have a negative feeling or anxious feeling about going to the dentist office.

During the first examination, we will create your child’s dental record as well as review their medical history. We can talk about any findings and provide you with recommendations on how to move forward and ensure a healthy smile for your child in the future.

Regular Visits

Throughout the early stages of your child’s life, we recommend that you come in and see us at least twice a year. We can monitor the progress of any impacted teeth as well as check if your child has any risk of tooth decay or unusual growth patterns. As your child grows, we can also provide them with education on how they can strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities. Let us help your kid understand the importance of brushing and flossing as well as showing them the best way to do it.

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