Dental Bridges

Show-off Your Smile’s Potential

Our Hamilton dental team utilizes top quality technology and proven techniques to create and install dental bridges that can help you preserve the aesthetic look of your smile. These quality dental restorations will feel the same as your natural teeth and provide you with the structural support that you need to chew, bite and digest properly. Quality dental bridges are nearly impossible to detect from the rest of your smile and can help to provide you with reinforcement for any weakened teeth as well as a beautiful and permanent solution to help you reflect your own natural smile.

Our team works with patients in Stony Creek, Hamilton and the surrounding neighbourhood to provide competitive results in dental bridge services.

A dental bridge is commonly used to replace one or several teeth that required extraction due to severe trauma or damage. We work to re-create your own natural teeth in a dental bridge and then connect the gap between two dental crowns.

A dental crown is a restoration that completely encases a tooth providing extra support and covering the entire tooth with reinforcement. Dental crowns are very difficult to detect using today’s standards and with two of these crowns serving as anchors for a dental bridge, you can replace several teeth with a far greater support than you might receive from partial dentures. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth with two dental crowns as well.

A dental bridge is generally made of specialty artificial resins which resembled a natural look and feel of the existing teeth around them. Traditional style bridges used to dental crowns to secure replacement teeth or a single replacement tooth. There are other forms of dental bridges which uses small metal wings that is attached to the back of surrounding teeth. These types of dental bridges generally aren’t as aesthetically pleasing but they do require far less work to implement.

Just like regular teeth, you will need to maintain dental bridges and clean them regularly.

Regular brushing and flossing for a dental bridge will prevent any future damage as well as prevent the chance that the supporting teeth could decay. If there are problems with the supporting teeth this can cause the bridge to loosen causing structural issues and discomfort. If you find your dental bridge getting loose please come in to our offices so that we can resubmit your results in place to provide you with a greater level of comfort. We can make recommendations on cleaning and hygiene so that you can enjoy less difficulty with dental bridges through proper oral health and hygiene processes.

The overall cost of dental bridges at our Hamilton dental office varies by individual case. Depending on the types of teeth that we need to replace, the number of bridges and the bridge type that we use prices will vary. Generally this process is covered under most dental insurance plans.

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