Root Canal Treatment

Get to its Root

Our Hamilton based dentists are available for performing root canal therapy in the event of severe damage to an infected or inflamed tooth. We are available to perform root canals even in emergency situations and can create flexible appointment schedules that can help repair your painful tooth quickly. Here is some more information about our root canal treatment service.

In the event that the roots of a tooth or connecting tissue from a tooth becomes severely inflamed or infected, we can save your natural teeth with the help of root canal treatment to prevent extraction or loss of teeth.

Root canal therapy can save your tooth in the event of a severe trauma like severe decay, a chip or a crack.

The symptoms of root damage or extreme decay include sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, extremely sharp pains whenever putting pressure on a tooth, persistent pimple on the gums as well as a long dull ache in your jaw muscles.

Most people avoid the idea of root canal therapy because they feel it will be painful. The truth is, a root canal is really no more painful than a typical filling treatment and with the help of our procedures, we can alleviate any of the painful symptoms or a sensitivity that you are experiencing within your teeth, gums and jaw muscles. When many patients come into our Hamilton offices, they are surprised at just how painless root canal therapy can be and how relieved they are when the results of the therapy fully heal.

Our Process

The process of root canal therapy begins by applying a numbing agent to the area so that you won’t feel any of the pain or sensitivity as we work on your tooth. We will then prepped the tooth with a speciality rubber dam that will prevent any of your saliva working its way into the healthy tissue causing bacterial infection.

The next step is to create a small opening inside the tooth to disinfect and remove any of the damaged tissue within the teeth. We will clean out the canals, then fill and seal your tooth. To strengthen the structure of your tooth for the future, we then put a dental crown over the top of the tooth to prevent any future cracking or fractures throughout the tooth. This means that you keep your natural tooth and maintain all of the structural support that you had before the decay occurred.

Most root canal procedures are completed in one to two appointments depending on how many teeth need to be done and the severity of the root canal.

The recovery time after root canal therapy is relatively quick and you might feel minor discomfort for a day or two after the procedure has ended. We recommend that you chew on the opposite side of your mouth to allow this tooth to fully heal or until you feel comfortable biting down on the opposite side once again.

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