Tooth Extraction

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In the event of severe dental trauma, our Hamilton based dental team can perform tooth extraction to help maintain your overall oral health and prevent extreme pain and sensitivity as a result of a broken or severely decaying tooth.

Tooth Extraction is generally one of the last resort processes that we use to maintain your overall oral health. In many cases, we will do everything that we can to try and repair and restore your natural teeth before we propose an extraction. There are a number of reasons why our dentists might suggest a tooth extraction for your particular case. Some of the reasons for tooth extraction include:

Crowding: If you have extra teeth erupting in your mouth causing crowding issues which can affect your overall oral health, we can remove some of the extra teeth to make space for others and cleaning becomes much easier as well. Some people simply form extra teeth and require extraction of those supernumerary teeth to prevent future dental issues.

Severely Damaged Tooth: If there has been a severe damage to a tooth, whether it’s from extreme decay or a large breakage or crack, sometimes repair won’t be possible. Removal of the tooth will prevent worsening conditions and ensure that you experience less sensitivity from exposed tissues in a cracked or severely decaying tooth. In this instance, we can recommend dental implants or dentures to help you restore your natural aesthetics, especially if multiple teeth require removal.

Misaligned Teeth: If the tooth is coming in crooked or a tooth has no other opposing teeth to bite against its possible that a misaligned tooth or nonfunctioning tooth could pose future problems with your overall oral health. We can make recommendations for extraction if the tooth serves no purpose or might cause health concerns in the future.

These are just a few of the examples of tooth extraction that we commonly provide. In most cases, we will perform a simple extraction which is done under local anaesthetic without sedation. This type of extraction is done on teeth that are visibly damaged within your mouth. Surgical extractions are generally handled by an orthodontist and may even require the use of general anaesthesia.

Tooth Extraction is generally one of the last resort processes that we use to maintain your overall oral health.

Through the process of simple extraction we usually use forceps moving the tooth back and forth to slowly remove it while you are under local anesthetic. You won’t feel any of the pain or sensitivity from the removal of a tooth but you may feel a bit of pressure along your jaw line as we work to remove the tooth from the surrounding bone. For most healthy tooth extractions and for the removal of misaligned teeth we might also have to utilize elevator devices to slowly wedge the tooth out and expand the socket to separate the tooth from its connecting tissue. You might experience a bit of sensitivity for the first few days after the removal and in many cases we will place dissolving stitches to seal up any wounds that might be caused from the tooth extraction. The dissolving stitches available through our clinic usually fall out or dissolve naturally within a week to two weeks after the procedure.

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